Omen Antiquitatum


The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society is known for producing quality Lovecraftiana for live action role players as well as we aficionados who simply enjoy decorating our abodes with those reminders of the mind shattering horrors that lurk just beyond our feeble senses. One particular offering I am currently lusting after is their Omen Antiquitatum, or Elder Sign, supposedly based on the works of John Dee.

The real life John Dee probably never encountered the malevolent gods of Lovecraft, but for some reason Dee is a popular figure in many of the mythical stories told about the equally mythical Necronomicon. The HPLHS pays homage to the late Dr. Dee’s invisible influence on our imagination with their magnificent version of Dee’s Elder Sign carved into copper just as occult manuals of old instructed would be sorcerers to.

The sign itself bears more than a passing resemblance to John Dee’s Sigillum Dei Aemeth lending an air of occult authenticity to the piece that few other Lovecraftian props can match. At under $40 it’s a steal you can’t afford to miss. Get it from the HPLHS Bazaar.

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