Haunted Mansion For Sale in Connecticut

Connecticut haunted mansion for sale on eBay

6,000 square feet of haunted house is on the market in Seymour, Connecticut for an asking price of $469,000. From the listing on eBay (cleaned up to get rid of the obnoxious caps):

Very rare and unique. 6,000 square feet, 7 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, jacuzzi, marble double sink. Two new kitchens, lots of original work, 4 fireplaces, spiral staircase, hidden office, hardwood floors throughout the house, in-law set up, new roof and windows.

This house is one of the three biggest mansions of Seymour- all belonging to the Charles Goodyear Day family- the inventor of vulcanized rubber. We have all the history and records including birth and death certificates on the original owners of the home.

There has been alot of weird experiences since we’ve owned this house. This house is definetely haunted but not certified yet.

Doors open and close when they want, lights turn on and off by themselves, things come and go, disappear and reappear.

I believe this house to be really friendly but can’t stop playing jokes on us.it’s really started to mess with our heads and affect our sleep and interfere with our dreams. Check out my other items!

This mansion has alot of possibilites.

In walking distance to the train station and shopping . 30 minute drive to New York City, 10 minute drive to the ocean.

I know this is a gimmick to offload an out-of-date house during a housing slump, but I can’t help find the idea of owning a haunted mansion appealing. I wonder, are they also throwing in the teleportation device that allows them to travel from Seymour, CT to NYC in 30 minutes?

By the way, according to the eBay listing, this item cannot be shipped – pickup only.

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